So what is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression is a technique used by a qualified hypnotherapist to facilitate the client/subject in accessing memories usually hidden in the subconscious using guided mediation and visualisation techniques,  This is really useful in cases where a person may have difficulty accessing the memories themselves, which is the vast majority, although there have been many documented cases of children who have recalled an amazing amount of, later corroborated, evidence and details of a past existence. Many books and even TV series focus on this and I’ll talk further about this in another post.

What might I learn?

Sometimes there will be difficulty with one family member for no valid reason, on the surface, but there could be a past life reason the relationship is tense, or even fraught with problems. Sometimes one has an incredible talent even though untrained in that field, or even a scar brought forward from a past life, or a particular fear connected to a previous incarnation.

Sometimes people are born wih marks on their body which relate to injuries sustained in a previous incarnation such as a birthmark where an arrow entered their body or a indentation where they were struck with a blunt object. Unfounded fears in this life could go back to a previous lifetime.

Children who have lived beofre


Why did you qualify as a Past Life Therapist?

Years ago I watched a programme where Caron Keating recalled a past life, she was supposed to be one of the presenters but as the subject was being hypnotised Caron started to go into a trance and recall a past life, she replaced the intended subject and recalled a past life which the details of were later corroborated.

I myself experienced an echo of a past life when I heard a mans voice over the phone, it was an instant recognition, at soul level, of this person and a knowing that our paths would cross physically at some level, which they later did. Although my mother used to say I was an ‘Old Soul ‘ this was my first experience of having a sense of connection from a past life.