What’s it all about?

This video gives you a brief overview of the process and some background information


The Purpose of Pain

When the body is injured the brain rightly sends pain signals to alert us to the urgency of the situation and to ensure that we get the proper help and attention that is required, once the injured area has been healed the bran has completed its job and no longer needs to send pain signals. 

Sometimes (often) the brain carries on sending the pain signals long after the injury had been healed and many people accept this as part of life not realising that often with intervention these old pain signals can be removed. 


The human body is, in many cases, is one of nature’s little miracles self healing and dealing with clearing up the pain once the injury has been repaired with no conscious input.  When this goes wrong and the pain continues long after the injury an Old Pain to Go Practitioner can act as an intermediary liaising with the unconscious and conscious parts of the brain and getting the communication going between the two. There is no hypnosis or trance methods used, you’re awake and aware of the process throughout. 


When Pain Continues 

When pain continues long after the injury has healed as have to pose the question of why this is happening and challenge whether the brain is still sending out the pain signals unnecessarily, this can only be done at an unconscious level, I ca  guide you through this process.



Many people find it hard to believe that pain signals can be intercepted and stopped, and I completely understand why but if you WANT to be pain free and do not have a reason to keep the pain there you’re a good candidate for Old Pain to Go Therapy, you don’t have to believe it will work. 



Seeing is believing, click here to see individual video testimonials from clients who had a session from a practitioner.

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