My name is Sharon Emery and I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I help people to overcome fears, gain confidence and to feel more happy and relaxed. People often let the stresses and strains build up over the years, sometimes feeling overwhelmed not realising that they hold the key to make changes.

We’re all born as a blank canvas but over the years can pick up unhelpful habits, fears, phobias and traumas but you don’t have to carry these around unless you want to, what I’m saying here is you can unlearn whatever is not serving you with a little guidance on the right direction.

I’ve always believed that them mind is far more capable than we realise and after experiencing some personal issues in the past a trip to a hypnotherapist changed the course of my life and helped me to find peace.

I’m compassionate and non-judgemental and services are 100% confidential.

I’m also Insured, DBS checked and in the Hypnotherapy directory.